The Anxious Penny Update

In the last few weeks I had posted an article called The Anxious Penny. You can check it out right HERE.

I left a few people hanging and promised that I would give everyone an update after the Craft Fair…


Hopefully everyone checked out The Anxious Penny but just in case I will give a quick review of where we were at a few weeks ago.

My daughter HC and I have been working on some penny crafts to help ease her anxiety and we ended up with quite a few items just lying around the house.

Some family and friends convinced me to try to sell some items and of course without really checking with HC I went ahead and applied to our local craft show.

I was able to obtain a table at a local Christmas Craft Show.

I was super excited and told HC that we were good to go and we had a week or so to get ready for the show. Needless to say she DID NOT share my enthusiasm.

In fact, she totally shut down and wouldn’t talk about it and didn’t want to participate and I was struggling to figure out what to do. After some thought and many discussions with others I decided to go…with her OR without her.

I was leaving the choice up to her if she wanted to come or not come…no pressure either way.

Did She or Didn’t She?

She Did!!!

HC decided she would give it a try and attend the craft show for a bit.

It was a crazy early morning but she was a trooper and got up early and helped get set up for the day. This was our first Craft Show so we were a little green but we figured things out as we went along.

We were one of about 150 vendors and there were a lot of people walking through and stopping at our stand.

Many were asking about our name The Anxious Penny and HC was quick to explain how we came up with the name and how we use the sorting and gluing of pennies as a stress reducer in our home.

Whenever she gets anxious we Penny!

Will She or Won’t She?

The idea of going to a craft show with our items was not really in our radar but we were convinced that it would be a great idea. I had my doubts mostly because I am not really a people person and her anxiety and depression issues are in full bloom around the holidays.

HC lasted a couple hours before she had to leave and now the big question is will she or won’t she want to do another show in the future. I was very impressed with the way she interacted BUT she did pay the price.  PURE EXHAUSTION!

We were able to sell some of our items and were able to make up the price of the show plus a little extra BUT was it worth all the work both physically and mentally??

I have to admit it was fun but it was a lot of work for me (mom) because of not knowing if she was going to attend or be able to even help when she was there.

A New Venture-maybe

I am sorry I don’t have an answer about the Craft Show’s of the future. We have gotten some really POSITIVE feedback on our penny projects. It has been suggested that we do some sort of on-line store or something so HC doesn’t have to interact in person. But then we deal with the shipping and returns and that also can be a struggle.

Any suggestions out there?


Well, that is my update on the ANXIOUS PENNY.

Thanks for checking it out.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Tammy C


  1. I want to say congratulations for your decision to going on a craft show . Again you show us how dedicated you are and  the true definition of ambition and hard work. I suggest you something interesting. Create some videos to show all the work behind the scenes and the upcoming craft shows you have. What do you think ?

    Wish you all the best!

    • Hello and thank you for your comments and suggestions.  I will see if HC is up for some behind the scenes videos or maybe at least keeping a journal of our adventure.


  2. Hello Tammy!

    An interesting life story about how you and your daughter face out anxiety! I have some sort of anxiety myself (mine is oriented towards people, I feel safe at home or at the workplace rather than on the streets, and I barely go out in the free time, even for buying food), I don’t know if HC suffers from social anxiety, but at least she haves her own mother while I am alone.

    And you two found an interesting way to fight the anxious life via pennies! Having a fruitful activity (like yours with pennies) is a good method to bring joy to our lives, and make ourselves feel useful while disconnecting from our tormenting thoughts for a while.

    Speaking of avoiding interactions with unknown people… I understand the phenomenon, I am a “stranger avoider” too. We really need some healing for our souls, this is a pretty difficult way to live our lives.

    Wish you and HC happy days of life and kind regards,


    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for sharing your story and struggles with anxiety.  Sorry to hear you have to fight with that type of anxiety but so appreciate the fact that you can be open about it when in this platform.  I think being able to share with someone who has some understanding is helpful.

      Hope you and HC can find some relief and that healing of the souls you mentioned.

      Take care.


  3. Hi Tammy. Thank you for sharing the update of the anxious penny. I love the name truly and I too just like others wondered how you girls came up with that name.

    Good to see that HC got along and I am really excited that you too had fun in the Crafts Show.

    Running an online store is not an easy task but if you feel you can handle it, make profit and get some fun, it isn’t a bad idea at all.

    Best regard!

    • Hello Shifts,

      Thanks for checking in and commenting on my post.  We are still debating about the on-line store.  


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