Most Wished For Items For Someone Dealing With Anxiety

With the Holidays rapidly approaching I wanted to do a quick Most Wished For Items post. Keep in mind that in our home we are dealing with some major Anxiety and Depression and PTSD issues.

I will be referring to Amazon throughout this post and just want to be upfront that I am an Amazon Associate and I will earn a commission for any qualifying purchases. This does not change the fact that I am here to share our story and give suggestions regardless of the Shop Amazon – Most Wished For Items Amazon presence. I just share what has worked well for us and not so well for us.

Be Aware

Energy levels are usually poor in one’s suffering from anxiety and depression. If they mention they should get a gym membership and start to workout DO NOT go all in and buy the year long membership to save some money.

LEARN from my mistakes!

In the past we have paid for a one-year membership to a local gym that was used three times in the entire year. YES that came out to just under $100 per each 20 minute stop and I am pretty sure the one visit she just used the tanning bed.

Maybe start out with a trial one month at a time. Keep in mind that everyone goes back to the gym in January so if crowds are an issue…maybe try an exercise bike or treadmill that someone has lying around collecting dust for a while and see how that goes.

In our home going for walks and using small weights while watching a movie is about all HC can sometimes muster. I am not saying to discourage the energy boost but just be cautious that it is just not a 48-hour burst before going all in.

Look Around

Does your loved one lounge around in sweatpants and a hoodie? Or maybe an oversize T-shirt and boy shorts. If so, don’t go off and buy some cutsie little pajama set from some fancy store.

LEARN from my mistakes!

The PJ sets I have bought for her have been sold at yard sales or donated to community projects.

In the comfort categories I always recommend a nice small weighted blanket to lounge around with and have that secure feeling that it brings. We have three and my daughter without the anxiety issues wants one for Christmas this year.

Cute socks can be a great stocking stuffer. A new charger for their phone is a great pick. But be careful not to try to re-dress the way they feel comfortable lounging around. Just support the way they feel comfortable until they can get the anxiety or depression under control.

But remember it is a good idea to buy a spare so occasionally the most favorite lounge-wear can be washed.

Don’t Try to Change Them

This one is a BIG ONE. If she says she doesn’t want something I offer to buy for her then 99% of the time she doesn’t want it.

Just because I think that she should read an awesome book on self-help or listen to a great video series that I heard does not mean I should buy it for her.

LEARN from my mistakes!

Let the professionals deal with that stuff and just keep on loving on them. I have found my role is not to fix my daughter (believe me I have tried) but instead offer her all the love and support that I can while she is going through these struggles.

I often times read a book or an article that helps me better understand how she may feel but me trying to help her is about as helpful as me trying to replace the engine in my car.

NOT a good idea.

The Gift Card Rules

It may not be the most original of all choices but I have found that the Amazon Gift card is a huge hit for our home. Make sure to Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration. They can be used without leaving the house and for us that is crucial.

Amazon is not the only place with gift cards but just make sure after a period it doesn’t start to deduct a monthly fee. In the past we have made some poor choices on gift cards and when we went to use them they had actually lost value.

You can fancy up the packaging if you want but giving a gift card has become a staple in our home. Amazon has grown to such a catch all of the good quality products that I find it hard to find something there that they don’t sell.



Keep in mind IF you have a loved one who actually has hinted around or asked for something (lucky you). Go for it and make someones day. Just be sure it is a request that seems doable considering the state of mind they are in at the time. Remember that gym membership you just read about.

But if you come from somewhere similar to my home… Amazon Gift Cards Rule.

Shopping is easy. Shipping is easy. Returns are easy. It’s a no-brainer in our world.

Also for those of you who find it hard to just give a gift card as a gift please feel free to check out my article on subscription boxes here at https://halfcrazedmom.com/pura-vida-bracelets-style-pack-quiz/.

Keep on fighting the good fight.


Tammy C


  1. Hey TammyC, I loved your article. Thank you for your information, I haven’t suffered with anxiety but I know plenty of people who do and it is great that this information exists because I can use the tactics in it to help them. Have you ever suffered with anxiety and if so then how did you overcome it? Anyway, your article was awesome. Great job!

    • Hello RJ

      Thanks for your kind comments.   I personally have not had more than your normal everyday type of anxiety but have had to watch my daughter suffer for years.   Right now she is in therapy with a talk therapist which seems to be helping along with some other sources of help.

  2. I think I have committed the same mistake and I regret doing it. I gave a girl a book to read thinking it will guide her in her decision making as far as love and relationship with guys is a concern. But you know what? Instead of being appreciative, it was obvious she didn’t like it. I wish I should have given her some chocolates instead.

    But that’s idea of yours of giving gift cards sounds great to me. I think the next time around, I will just use that method. By the way, I don’t quite understand what are gift cards for? Am I right with this impression that it is something they can use to buy things of their choice?

    • Thank you for your comments.   Yes you are correct in the gift card use.   Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase anything on their site (except maybe other gift cards).  It is an awesome way to give a gift for the person you don’t have a good idea what to purchase.    Instead of putting in your credit card number and when checking out  you just type in the gift card number and it works like a debit card.  

  3. Hi, I have been suffering from panic attacks and you are spot on when you mention energy levels. It is so important to keep moving even though you do not want to, this can a struggle to say the least but it will help with anxiety. There are also some great online gyms to join so you can actually workout from home if you are not ready to leave the house. 

    Staying comfortable is also something that really helps but there is a fine line with being comfortable in your clothes and after a while feeling disgusting in your sweats. A pair of comfortable yoga pants might help for one to feel fresh but still comfortable. 

    Thank you for your article. It does provide some great tips for items for someone dealing with anxiety.

    • Hello Alexandra,

      Thanks for sharing your struggles with panic attacks.  I have never had one but have seen what they can do.   

      Great idea about the yoga pants.  I appreciate your comments.


  4. Hi 

    I can relate to this problem very well, as my cousin suffers from it very badly. The biggest  problem is  you do not know what to buy them, as often wrong present can cause their anxiety to worsen. I understand all the situations you went through,be specially the gym gift, as often you spent more time doing anything else apart from visiting the gym. I know that exercise can help people suffering from anxiety but so can a long walk in the fresh air. I appreciate your article as often people with this condition gets ignored.  I will take your advice whilst Christmas shopping for my cousin 



    • Hello Antonio,

      Sorry to hear your cousin also has been suffering with some of the same issues.  Hope they can find the help they need.  

      Thanks for your comments.  I do hope my site can bring some awareness as well as some helpful tips for those who are supporting loved ones with these type issues.


  5. I believe that the Amazon gift card is the ideal case for such individuals. Helping out at the gym did not seem to help the purchase of a book on the problem they were dealing with. As you rightly said, this is the business of professionals. The only thing we need to do is to accept them and do things that will make them feel happier and more beautiful. I find your idea of ​​gift cards by any company amazing, as shopping from home is easier. Amazing and your article with Subscription Gift Ideas.

    • Hello and thank you for your comments.  I agree…accept them and do things that will help them feel happier and more beautiful…well said.

  6. Hello Tammy, this is a very good job because dealing with those with issues of anxiety or depression needs to be tactical and so pleasing them with an item is also very tactical. One needs to consider some things to do this and you have explained very sensibly. I liked this post a lot and I am sure it will help me make my picks. I have learnt from your mistake. Thank you

  7. Oh, this is very thoughtful of you. These people should not be left out at all when there are gifts being shared. I see that your tip here is that one should take very good clues from whatever is happening around them. That is infact a very nice and it is exactly what I will give a try. Thanks for sharing this post. 

  8. Hello Tammy! Thank you for sharing this guide on the most wished for items for someone dealing with anxiety.

    You’re right about us jumping into conclusion too fast. We should hear the opinion of the one we seek to help; we should give things (services or products) trial to see if they work before knowing if it is necessary to get them in mass.

    What we feel will work out may not work out; one man’s food is another man’s poison. I learnt so much from your experiences. Thanks sharing them with us!

    • Hello Techie,

      Thanks so much for your very kind comments.  They are much appreciated.

  9. Hello, There are some wise words here and I related to everything you have written. I, like you live with my daughter who is in and out of depression and it can be a frustrating position to be in for a parent. The word ‘helpless’ springs to mind. However, your ideas with the holiday gifts ring true. Best wishes for you and your daughter and you have some great ideas here and it’s hard to go wrong with the gift cards.

    Thanks  and blessings to you and your daughter

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks so much for sharing a part of your story.   Sorry you are dealing with some of the same issues but it helps to know we are not alone.

      Best of luck to you and your family 

      Thanks for your comments


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