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Last night HC and I were watching a Hallmark Movie (please don’t tell anyone). At one point in the movie they started talking about MINDFULNESS and we both looked at each other and cracked up laughing. It is kinda an inside joke with us… I am trying to learn DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) by reading a course book she has and I can’t seem to get past the Mindfulness Chapter. Once I get a better handle of this DBT stuff I will commit a few posts to sharing what I have learned. That is still a work in progress.

The Rich Folk

I know this seems very stereotypical but we really did see this on a movie. My theory is if you have seen ONE Hallmark movie you pretty much have seen them all but, HC is a huge fan of happy endings so sometimes I suffer through a movie or two with her. So enter very handsome guy from the city trying to fly fish for the first time with a down home very attractive female. At one point he looks over at her and says that this reminds him a little of his Mindfulness Sessions. She of course asked him what a Mindfulness Session consists of and she got an explanation. The short answer was you pay a person to come to your home two or three times a week to help you find your inner peace through Yoga and Meditation. They did not discuss cost but I asked my good buddy Siri and he told me an average lesson is $73.00 per hour.

The Country Folk

Once again very stereotypical, but it’s just a movie. She proceeds to tell him how much money he could save just by coming to this fishing hole every Sunday after church and he would have all he would need from a mindfulness point of view. And very cheap. How much one may ask? Siri tells me you can pick up a fishing lure for $0.89.

The In-Between Folk

I am not by any means poking fun at either side. I absolutely LOVE spending time in the woods or on a lake and it is so peaceful and relaxing but realistically that is more for my vacation week than a weekly or daily ritual. I also think there is a time and a place for meditation and yoga for some but again not a daily ritual for me. I am lucky to be able to find just a few minutes to gather my thoughts some days.

Wondering what was out there for someone like me I was drawn to an APP for my iPhone. This APP is free although there are upgrades available if you want. It is called Meditation Studio by Muse. I like this because I can pick the length of time and the background noise and it really does relax me in the morning. I like the 7-minute morning routine with thunder and rain in the background. And it’s free. And you don’t need waders.

I used to think that meditation was just a fancy way to say a prayer or recite a favorite poem or quote or perhaps sit in a certain way and chant. Until they started teaching my daughter how to be mindful and grounded and in the present, I didn’t really have a clue what mindfulness was all about. She has actually been able to teach me some things about the best ways to be in the present. I always thought I was there in the present…boy was I wrong.


I was very content with my 7 minute meditation until recently. I found an article in a magazine about these new gadgets. I love new gadgets. This was something that caught my attention during what seems to be Mindfulness Week in my world. The same company that has the APP that I use every morning had developed a device that guides you into your perfect meditation place. It works like an EEG that reads your brain waves.

It is my way of not being able to cheat your way through your morning routine. I will be the first to admit that I have created many grocery lists during my 7-minute morning routine and although it is helpful for planning dinner it is not what I had intended for my “start the day off right” moments. It is hard for me to explain how it works so the best way is for you to go checkout the site for yourself. As usual I am an affiliate marketer and I do make a small commission if you were to purchase anything from this site, but my goal is to inform more than sell. Everything that I discuss is something that I have found to be useful in my quest to be the best mom and caregiver for my daughter.

Muse Home Page“>IntraXon is the place this gadget is available. I am a science geek. My professional life revolves around working in a laboratory and that is my happy place. Science and facts and data… Meditation for me has always been a challenge. It is hard for me to slow my mind down and I am always thinking ahead to what needs done next. This headgear is the perfect way to help me achieve another type of happy place. A calming, relaxing, clear out all the garbage place.

Muse Muse Shop Products“>headgear translates your brainwaves into the guiding sounds of weather. The EEG device interprets your mental activity (scary I know) and helps gently guide you to a calm mind. It is sorta like starting out in a CAT4 hurricane and eventually get to calm skies and chirping birds. These calibrated sensors can tell when your mind is drifting…how awesome is that.

It actually becomes a challenge to find those “birds”.

My daughter can find her personal “grounding” and calming place by using techniques she has learned in her DBT training. I need help get to that place so this is perfect for me. It doesn’t cost a fortune and I was already using the MUSE APP on my phone.

The entire world seems to be in a hustle bustle overdrive place and then I look at a bulletin board at work and see my work sponsors monthly Mindfulness Gatherings. Kinda sounds like a cult of sorts but this is the NEW THING. It strengthens one’s awareness of what is in the present. And when you have a mind like my daughters that keeps leaving the present and going back to those scary places this becomes a necessity!!

I admit I was skeptical at first but this moment-to-moment awareness is a fascinating place to hang out for a while. It gets me ready for the day. I have learned to control my breathing as well as my thoughts. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Keep on fighting the good fight


Tammy C


  1. I don’t have a regular habit of meditation.  But I really enjoy spending time in the park or in the sports ground.  It’s really relaxing and soothing.  When I feel tense or stressful, it helps me a lot.   It can help me calm down and give me a quiet moment to think clearly in the early morning.   I know it’s important to meditate at times.  Thanks for sharing with us about the information of the products. It seems helpful for meditation.  One of my friends also suggested using YOUTUBE meditation music.  She said it’s useful too.  As for the Apps, can you suggest a bit more?

    • Hello Fiona,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my article on meditation.  I also love the outdoors and that is my sweet spot for relaxing but as winter is coming (where I live) it is also nice to have an inside place to go. I went onto my phone and did a search for FREE meditation apps…I was amazed how many products are out there.  I can only speak for the one I use called Meditation Studio. I am a fan of its simple way to grab a nice 7 minute session before work.  I would think that the other APPS are probably similar.  Let me know if you find anything out there you like.

      Once again I appreciate your insight and recommendations for YOUTUBE as well.

  2. Mindfullness as defined here is more about feeling good compared to my idea of caring about others feelings. However, let’s go with the definition here. I liked how you compared to expensive way with the low cost way to achieve mindfulness. Followed by the way that makes most sense using meditation. But then you mentioned there is a tech gadget designed to use ones brain waves to create that good feeling. I like this since it creates a passive way to help one feel good. 

    You discussed the importance of mindfullness in helping one go through each day. I liked the mindfullness gathering sessions designed to achieve this goal too. All in all I found this article fascinating.


    • Edwin, 

      Thanks so much for your comments. I was also always thinking that if one was mindful it meant being conscience of others until recently.  Now, it is all about “being in the moment” and “being present”. It has been a learning curve for me to try to take time for myself. Not an easy task, but my daughter and I are working together because it really helps her stay grounded with her anxiety issues. I appreciate your kind comments.

  3. Nice article about mindfulness for everyone! Your story towards finding mindfulness may sound stereotypical but it’s also one of the bright sides of watching movies. I don’t watch movies even monthly basis because being too busy with all the sports stuff of my kids and my job but even I have learned lots of good ideas luckily from movies. In our family´s case, we are able to use my son´s sports doctors and hardware and software for their sports lab. Results combined with apps and wellbeing phone stuff are pretty different, practically nothing to do with each other, in terms of sleeping well or monitoring energy levels. Just name it. But most of the people don’t have all the experts´stuff available and affordable applications may work, if not by showing fact-based data, the placebo is still very effective in many people. Mindfulness itself is a great pick for practically everyone. My point is not to say people should forget apps, my point is if folks have even one mindfulness teacher among friends or relatives, he can teach and help us more during 30min session than all these apps during the year.

    • Hey,

      Thanks so much for your comments and insight to mindfulness from your world.  I agree that having a teacher would be ideal if one is available.  Glad your family has all those resources. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  4. Hey Tammy, you give a great description of how many of us have come across mindfulness and how at first it is a bit bewildering. I never got it until I did, sounds obvious but true. 

    The thing that tipped the scales for me was when I read that being ‘mindful’ is a way of giving your brain a rest. When I thougth of it like that, it all made sense. My brain needs a rest, like most of us, it’s running full tilt from sun up to days end.

    I have also found that nowadays I can find the most unusual places to practice it, many times in a day. Just being stood in a queue for something can allow me the opportunity to study the number of ceiling tiles there might be, or the amount of squares on the man in fronts shirt.

    The best time for me is in the morning, before everyone is up. Ironing. If I concentrate on what I’m doing, making sure all the creases are either gone or in the right place, then I can easily have a full half hour. Once done I feel as refreshed as if I’d had a nap. 

    • Hello and thank you for reading my article and commenting.  I did get off to a slow start and I love your comment “I never got it until I did”.  How true is that statement.  You also gave some great examples of some ideas to use during your daily routine.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting post on mindfulness.  I practice mine in the morning when I’m walking (2miles).  It’s a great start to the day; especially on the weekends when it’s really quiet.  In the stressful environment world we live in today, it’s a required exercise.  Lord knows we need mindfulness! 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree that mindfulness exercises should be part of a daily routine.   I wish I hadn’t realized this so late in life.    Thanks for the comments

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