Why is it when we decide to get a Dog for our daughter who has anxiety it turns out the dog has equal to or more anxiety than our daughter? This is an article about OUR story and OUR dogs.

There will be an affiliate link to a website that we found to be helpful. If you were to purchase something from this site we do get a small commission but as always I am here to share what I have learned while dealing with mental health issues (even in our pets).

Cooper-Dog #1

The mellow 8-year old Chocolate Lab named COOPER. He is our grumpy old man that came at a time when HC needed a buddy. He has become quite the life saver from a mental standpoint. Her ROCK and her CUDDLEBUG and her PROTECTOR.

He runs about 115 pounds and is the tallest lab I have ever seen. When he shows his teeth he looks like the meanest dog but chances are he just wants to show you how his minty fresh dental chews are working.

Just for a little perspective, Cooper was so easy to train. It was like he came home as a puppy already knowing that the GRASS was the place to do his business. He can be off leash and come when you call him. He was like that first child that was so easy you decided to have a few more…and we all know how that usually works out.

Skyla-Dog #2

The crazy 1-year old Syberian Huskey named SKYLA. She is our entertainment. She also is our biggest headache and at times threatened to go up for adoption. We had discussed getting a second dog as Cooper got older and less active and I thought we had pretty much decided on another mellow, definitely non-shedding, cuddly, mid-sized dog. By now you must be able to figure out where this is going.

So off she goes to LOOK at options…and home comes the most adorable blue-eyed sweetest thing that has transformed into (well, we will keep it a PG blog post). One good thing is the energy that this dog has keeps HC from living on her island (the couch). This dog is always one step ahead of us humans. She is always trying to figure out ways to get what she wants.

Thunderstorms and Weighted Blankets

Thunderstorms are a problem in our house. Cooper will go hide in the bathroom (the big baby) and Skyla takes after me (grandma) and sits and watches out the window. HC chooses the couch and her Mosaic Weighted Blankets as her go to until the storm is over. (These weighted blankets have been a blessing at our house – we have three so that each floor of our townhouse has its own weighted blanket) Don’t judge until you have tried one.

During thunderstorms when HC was home alone I would get all sorts of texts and calls during the storm. Now when we are having a storm and my phone is quiet I can picture exactly what is going on at my home. Skyla is sitting at the window wishing I was there to enjoy the storm with her. HC is cuddled up on the couch under her favorite weighted blanket and Cooper is either under the blanket with her or hiding in the no window bathroom.

CBD Oils for Pets

I recently found a new website that has Green Roads CBD Oils in the form of drops that is specifically for your furry friends. They have drops for cats which I have recommended to my co-workers who have horror stories getting their cat to the vet. For the pups in our world they have three different options based on the size of your dog.

Why would one want to give CBD oils to their pets? To offer a calming serving of CBD when thunderstorms, visits to the vet, long road trips, house guests, weariness from aging, and other stresses that may challenge your pet.

Is it safe? You and your pet are both mammals. We have a special set of receptors called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS is involved with your body’s homeostasis. Sorry…I really get into the science on this stuff. Homeostasis literally means “same state” . One wants to keep your internal environment in a steady state even when external environments may be changing. Like when my daughter and the pup start to hear thunder off in the distance and we know a storm is coming…weighted blankets and CBD oil can make the entire storm a tolerable experience for all.

The same is true for your pet! CBD can support calmness and well-being for your dog or cat the same way it does for you.


I have not been on this blogging venture for long but I must admit that the article about CBD oil and vaping was my most commented on and controversial post yet. I am curious to see how the topic of Green Roads CBD oils for pets rank in my comment world.

So would we give CBD oils to the WILD one? Nope. We will embrace the personality of this husky and enjoy the crazy. As with my daughter and her Vaping…it is only used for anxiety and a sleep aid. Our lab will only get it when he is anxious as well.

Last evening when HC and I were talking about this article (she always offers input) she actually told me that SYYLA the crazy wild husky is absolutely a reason she is still here. As in still here on this earth. When her suicide ideations hit and she starts to head to that dark place, more than once Skyla has snapped her out of going all in to that place of no return.

So after hearing that I guess we will hold off on putting her up for adoption just yet.  Love on your pets.  They deserve it.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Tammy C


  1. yes i agree with you that cbd is totally safe for our little fur babies. they nee it the way we need it too though it is totallly optional but if you chose to just like me, it is totally safe. i have been using cbd oil for my dog for more than 3months and she has been reacting greatly to it.l though it comes with instructions that must be strictly followed. thanks for opening peoples eyes to this.

    • Hello Rodarrick and thanks for your kind comments.  Glad you have also found CBD oils to be helpful.

  2. Well, i don’t think there’s a big deal in giving our pets cbd. I, in fact, let my cat have some cbd too but only because a friend of mine told me her dogs has anxiety sometimes and she uses cbd. I believe that your daughter is also going to get better but one thing i didn’t get there is did you say your daughter vapes CBD?

    • Thanks so much for your comments.   Yes this website is primarily about sharing my experiences caring for someone who has anxiety and depression issues.  In a previous post we discussed  vaping and it’s pros and cons in our world for us humans.   After that I just thought I should give a shout or to our pets as well since they are such an important part of my daughters life. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hello Tammy, of truth, anxiety have been one serious situation in the lifes of our pets and even us humans. Some tikes we don’t know what to use to help the situation, but for some time now i have heard and witness how CBD oil have been effective when used by humans. Although I haven’t tried it on my dog because she doesn’t get anxious, but after reading this post, I’ll recommend it to a friend whose dog gets anxiety attacks alot.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments.   Hope it works as well for your friend as it does for others.   We think it is amazing when used for anxiety.

  4. I have 4 cats and sometimes I wish I could give them CBD oil before they take a bath. They really hate it so much. CBD oil has indeed helped me in many situations and calmed me down. I would recommend it for those who have anxiety to give it a try. My cats though I love them to much, I think they perfect even though nearly impossible to wash.

  5. At first I was a little thrown off because the site is called, half crazed mom, and the about was dealing with mental health disorders, then the post was about cbd oils for pets, a little confusing. Then I read the post and i understood a little better. The only problem I had was that you talked more about the dogs than what CBD oils actually were, ingredients, origin etc. I would have like d to see a little more time spent on the actual product itself so I could make an informed decision about whether to use it or not, as if I were the consumer. The post was amusing.

    • Thank you for your comments.  It is true that I didn’t get too much into the details and ingredients of the CBD oils. Perhaps because I am more of an expert on dealing with mental health issues than I am in CBD cocktails.  The Green Roads site has so much information and such if you are really interested in there product.   In fact they were recently featured in a television documentary on CBD oils.  Check it out for more information and thanks again for your comments.

  6. Your story touched me on so different levels. First as a mother with an adult child who suffers from anxiety and depression. Second as a pet owner although I have cats. Our pets do drive us crazy at times but it is really neat how they intuitively know when we are stressed or anxious and they will snuggle up to and let you know everything is okay. My daughter has a cat as well and swears her cat helps her with her anxiety. I totally believe it. On the other hand, I have a co-worker who uses CBD to help with her concentration. I haven’t needed to use CBD myself or on my pets, but if they suffered from anxiety and it could help them, I would use it.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and share your story.  Sorry you are in a similar situation but it helps to know I am not out there alone.  I appreciate your comments Wendy and you may want to check out some of my other posts in ways I have found to help my daughter (and her pups).

  7. Very interesting article and I love the humor you have added to the article. We have a white German Shepherd who also has anxious moments. I will definitely be checking out the use of CBD oils, might stop her moaning at us.. Thanks for sharing and best of luck for the future.

    • Thanks for checking out my article.  My daughter and I just recently saw our first white German Shepherd and commented how beautiful they are.  Good luck with her anxiety.

  8. Hi Tammy. I didn’t know there was CBD for pets too or that platforms like Green roads existed. Taking our pet to the vet can truly be a nightmare. And being in the house with our pet during a thunderstorm can be a nightmare too. So thank you very much for this suggestion.


    We had a black labrador called Lucy and she was a fantastic dog. Mild-mannered, soft, loving and as you mentioned, incredibly easy to train. She was technically my mum and dads dog but I named her and begged them to let me have her when I was younger. I made sure I was there at the end with her and came home from the vets and balled my eyes out.

    By that time I had a dog of my own, a little Shih-Tzu called Maisy, small but with a big character. I have often considered whether CBD oil can be used on my dog, I use it for myself as I have arthritis and it helps me tremendously but it’s just knowing how a dog would react to having it and what dose to administer.

    Your article has helped clear some of the facts up for me and for that I thank you.

    • Thank you so much Andy for your comments.  I appreciate you sharing your furry friends with us. Good luck with little Maisy.  

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