Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

Weighted Blankets have become our new best friend. Sleep Better with Mosaic Weighted Blankets!

The Weighted Blanket Revelation

If one had asked me what a weighted blanket was used for a year ago I would have said I didn’t have a clue. If you asked me today what a weighted blanket was used for I would respond “weighted blankets have totally changed our world for the better”.

During this post you will see some affiliate links to my pick for the best place to check out for yourself what we are talking about. Although I do get a small commission if one were to purchase from this site please feel no obligation. I just want to share what I have learned to be a support system and caregiver for my daughter.

It all started a couple of years back while my daughter was at an inpatient program for a few weeks. When I would go to visit she would share with me some things that others were using to help with their anxiety and depression symptoms. The facility that she was at patients were not allowed to bring their weighted blankets unless they had a doctor write that it was necessary. Many doctors wrote that it was a necessary part of their treatment and that was our first exposure to “the weighted blanket”.

Pros and Cons of Using A Weighted Blanket

Starting with the PROS according to my daughter:

  • Feels like I am being hugged or cuddled
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better than drugs to calm me down
  • Used to keep me warm and keep me cool…can’t explain it
  • Pain in chest due to my anxiety will slowly decrease once applied
  • Convenient for use at bedtime or while snuggling on couch and even while traveling

Now onto the CONS according to my daughter:

  • Not one


As one shops for weighted blanket there will be many choices as the sizes that are offered. Some offer sizes based on bed size. Twin, Full, Queen, and King are the choices of some. Others are based on measurements such as 42×56 and 54×72 and 60×80.

In our home we have purchased three weighted blankets and have best reviews for the smaller is better theory. Because the blanket was primarily purchased to calm anxiety we prefer the blanket to be more portable. It is not ideal to be dragging a king-size weighted blanket up or down the stairs to wrap in while watching a football game like we are right now. (GO PSU). Being able to throw it over her shoulders on the back patio or cover her legs in the car we highly recommend the smaller size to fit our needs.

Weight Matters

Maybe it does and maybe it does not. Most research has shown that the weight of the blanket should be based on the weight of the person using the blanket. There is some magic calculation to do based on a certain percentage of body weight…for us this was NOT necessary. Every website that carries the blankets have a chart to use and decide which blanket is best, but I still think it is based on how and why one uses the blanket as to the best fit.

Our basic use is to calm her anxiety and the 12 pound or 15 pound blankets work just fine. Having the blanket quilted creates an even distribution of weight and prevents clumping or shifting of the pellets.

Others that don ‘t care if the blanket is mobile and like to get up after a great nights sleep and just pull up the blanket and get on with the day will be more apt to love the Queen or King size weighted blanket that weighs in the 20-25 pound range.


There are times that I end up being asked to spend the night with my daughter in times when her anxiety is in overdrive. This is a great time for her to have her own personal weighted blanket for me to help her wrap in while I can have my own separate blanket on the bed. She has a king-size bed and a Chocolate Lab and a Syberian Huskey so that makes the King bed a necessity. In our case I cannot imagine trying to roll over with a 25 lb weighted blanket that has almost 200 lb of dog on top as well. Mosaic Weighted Blankets solves all those problems. They come in a variety of weights and sizes to fit everyone’s needs. Rest well!

Keep fighting the good fight


Tammy C


  1. I was reading an article on the signs of anxiety and I was shocked that most people with anxiety disorder do not even realize it. We probably think that that is the way we can be and it is normal. I have seen the benefits of weighted blankets and I believe that every household should have. The ‘huggy’ feeling of it is enough to calm away all anxiety Thank you for the recommendation. Great article!. 

  2. Interesting, I’ve never heard of weighted blankets before. I suffer from anxiety and depression, on multiple medications and see a behavioral therapist every week but nobody ever mentioned a weighted blanket. What exactly do they do? I’m not sure why a weighted blanket would feel like a hug? Thanks for any reply, I really do appreciate it and have a good day.

    • Hello and thank you for your comments.  So I am not sure why they work but I can assure you that in my daughters case they have been a life-saver.  The blanket that is her favorite is about the size of a small throw blanket and can be carried around a bit easier than the larger ones.  Her favorite one weighs 12 pounds and is full of beads that actually have a cooling effect when she uses it.  Many times she just feels alone and anxious and she will just place the blanket over her shoulders and she gets instant relief.  She also uses it during thunderstorms (which we are having right now and yes she is sitting here with me using the blanket now).

      I believe they are a relatively new thing for helping with anxiety.  I had only ever known they were used for individuals with autism to help sleep.

      Hope this helps. 


  3. I actually just heard about these recently on the radio. 
    The DJs were talking about using them, and plugging them of course. 

    They were just talking about getting deeper sleep. 

    Using them for anxiety never crossed my mind. 
    makes perfect sense though.  

    Like I said these blankets are new to me, how long have they been around for?

    Glad to hear they are working for your daughter. 

    • I believe the weighted blankets were originally around for years used by occupational therapist for patients with sensory processing disorders and other developmental disorders.  It wasn’t until recently that it has taken off in the mental health world as a must have for many.  

      We did not know they existed until my daughter was admitted to a trauma disorders unit as an inpatient.  Once there we may have been one of the few that had never heard of them, but now we are huge fans and recommend them to everyone.  And not just for people who have been diagnosed with anxiety issues.  HC has a twin sister who can’t watch a scary movie without it.  

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. Hey thank you for another great post!  I really enjoyed this one because it deals with anxiety, which is something that has plagued my wife for a long time.  I was shocked to see that you could find good blankets for this!  I think that the size and weight are very reasonable, so I’ll have to talk to my wife about this, but she may want one!

    • We think they are awesome and I hope she tries one.  Thanks for your comments Jessie.


  5. Weighted blankets provide an evenly distributed amount of pressure and steady sensory input that help ease anxiety and stress, allowing you to sleep better. Basically, the theory is that weighted blankets can provide deep pressure that may dampen your fight-or-flight response and encourage relaxation. Research found that people who used weighted blankets have calmer nights of sleep, with a reduction of movement.

  6. Hi

    I can understand why people who suffer from anxiety need a weighted blanket.  It is so important that they feel safe and relaxed. If they do I am sure that they will get a good night sleep, which is very important also for their own well-being. I am glad that you found a beneficial product for your daughter and you are sharing with us the benefits of these weighted blankets. 

    Will the weighted blanket help with those suffering from night terrors?

    Thank you once again.


    • Hello and thank you for your comments.  I can only speak from our personal experiences but in our case these blankets do help minimize her night terrors.  


  7. Your testimonial (or rather your daughter’s) convinced me that I need may need a weighted blanket for myself after all. For years, I’ve been sleeping with a pillow over my chest. I know – it looks weird, but that’s how it is. I always feel a sense of calmness whenever the weight of the pillow pressed on my upper body. And then I was introduced to weighted blankets and had a whole new perspective on what it would do for my entire body. I have a hard time sleeping through the night so this may be the solution that I’m looking for. 

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